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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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gruesome details incriminating evidence comes to light in the murder of felicia barnes. >> how prosecutors claim a close family friend killed the teen and disposed of her body. >> hello everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. tonight new information emerges and their relationship. mike hellgren has the chilling information revealed for the first time in court. >> reporter: for the first time prosecutors reveal the evidence against michael johnson for the murder of felicia barnes.
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he's the ex-boyfriend after barnes sister. johnson texted and called barnes 500 times during the three months before her visit. johnson the last person to see barnes alive was seen struggling to carry a 35-gallon container from the apartment moments after she disappeared. prosecutors say that's large enough to fit her body. >> what was real little surprising are the number of times he made contact with my little cousin, i mean it was just, hard hard for me to even accept to think that a man of his age would be in contact with my little cousin. >> reporter: another big new development johnson's intercepted phone calls when he spoke of fleeing to a country where he could not be extradited. he said that i feel like everything is going to hit the fan. i feel like i should pack up some stuff and leave. maybe leave the country, i should go to brazil. if i started a new life would they be able to arrest me. >> i don't blame him for it.
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he's scared. he's never dealt with the criminal system a day of his life. him being arrested and charged with this is a travesty. >> reporter: johnson dated barnes sister for three years. and was moving out of the apartment when barnes visited. reporting from circuit court. mike hellgren. sky chopper 13 shows you the hole where the cover was brown out this afternoon. it happened on green street right near lexington avenue. controversy grows tonight over dangerous dogs, a ruling by the state's highest court singles out pit bulls as many
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vicious than other breeds. if pit bulls attack it can cost landowners and owners lots of money. this ruling is making waving, megan cockrell has the story. >> reporter: a five-year-old boy mauled by a pit bull. last june a pit bull attack almost killed a woman. and a 7-year-old almost killed by a vicious attack. >> perfectly determining if an animal is dangerous is based on that animal's individual
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behavior and temperament. >> reporter: the new ruling has some animal rescued worried about the adoptions of pit bulls. >> animal shelters will see a surge in dog abandonment. >> reporter: landlords now also responsible for pit bull attacks. >> we're getting calls of people getting notices from their landlords that they'll be evicted if they don't get rid of their pits. >> this week they're coming for my beloved little rescue pit bull, next week they could come for your dog. >> reporter: legislation was passed in 2007 but that legislation was voted down. >> thank you, megan. several local shelters have frozen all pit bull adoptions
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in the wake of this ruling. a viewer sent us pictures of this damage from last night's storm. we're told no one was hurt. the family of yeardley love continues its fight for justice in a civil lawsuit. the suit seeks more than $29 million in compensatory damage. >> hughly was convicted of death of love. in a civil lawsuit, love's mother says he was irresponsible. >> hughly is an adult, if he gets a judgment it would be against him and i don't know whether he has no pocket or what the lawyers call due
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pocket. >> reporter: legal analyst says the love family is suing for $29 million based on statistics that showed yeardley would have lived another 52 years has she not had a run in with his boyfriend. >> what they're asking for is half a million dollars for every year she would have been alive. >> reporter: sharon love traveled to the nation's capital to support the renewal of the violence against women act. >> my daughter was murdered almost two years ago by an out of control lacrosse player with a violent past. our lives will never be the same. >> reporter: love wants the civil court heard in front of the supreme court.
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>> hughly will be formally sentenced in august. we're learning tonight that a saverna park man is in the middle of the prostitute scandal. the scandal spread costing nine agents their jobs including huntington. neighbors say huntington is married with two children. on alert for al-qaida retaliation. osama bin laden is dead but a threat of an attack against the united states is still very much alive today. kai jackson has a new counter terrorism bulletin released tonight by the fbi. >> reporter: the white house doesn't want the country to panic but they want americans to be on guard.
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the fbi and agency of security are on alert. the obama administration says, there's no evidence of a specific threat. >> at this time we have no credible information that terrorists organizations including al-qaida are planning attacks in the u.s. to coincide with the murder of osama bin laden. >> reporter: john miller was the last western journalist to interview osama bin laden. he's not surprised that the date is a threat. the u.s. is also concerned about this man, alsiri, al- qaida's top bomb maker. he's resurfaced and may be planning his next attack. >> most conversations may be a lot of hot air but when you read through them they are very
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concerning. >> reporter: the main concern now is lone wolf terrorists who can move undetected and strike without warning, denise. >> thank you, kyle. al-qaida is believed to have key members in members inotherr countries. it's hard to dazzle jaded new yorkers but it happened today in the sky. and this is what did it, the shuttle is headed to the floating museum on the aircraft carrier intrepid. the enterprise was welcomed today by mr. spock. with the greeting live long and prosper. >> it's a cool thing to see
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when you go to new york from now on. >> yeah. danger at the drive thru, coming up. >> a mcdonalds drive through goes up in flames, what caused that explosion. >> how a woman ended up with a screw in her throat and the doctors advise to get it out. more april showers headed our way. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete forewarning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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maybe i should have picked a different color... [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza. experience love that lasts. ♪ it is clear and 48 degrees in federal maryland right now. -- in central maryland right now. a propane tank blows up in the back of a pickup truck. the truck owner says he heard a hissing sound but when he went to fix it the tank exploded not once but twice. he suffered second degree burns, his sons that were in the truck were treated for minor injuries. a unsuspecting victim
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suffered a face fracture. they plan to charge the teenager who video taped the assault. new controversy over the donations that george zimmerman receivedded as he awaiting trial for the death of trayvon martin. a judge will not force zimmerman to turn in the money that poured into his website. bond was set at $150,000 and zimmerman was released from jail monday. he faces second degree murder charges in the death of the teen. a woman is suing her dentist after he dropping a dental screwdriver down her throat. x-rays show the instrument lodged in her stomach. she claims the dentist told her to try and vomit it out or try to pass it naturally. davis says when that failed she had to have it surgically
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removed. she's suing for pain and suffering. a woman on new york's long island says she donated a kidney to her boss and then was fired. >> reporter: debby stevens says if she didn't live through it she wouldn't even believe it but she claims it's all true. >> i felt ashamed. >> reporter: stevens was working as an assistant to an executive. her boss jackelyn. she became a link in a multiple patient link that resulted on a kidney for her boss. >> i donated on her behalf so she could get a good one that matched her perfectly. >> reporter: the only thing she got in a boss. thanks more than i can ever say. >> no face to face visit? >>, well what was i going to do
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say, how come you haven't said thank you. >> reporter: stevens returned to work four weeks later, even before brusha. two days before coming back she didn't feel well. >> no sooner did i return home there she was, what are you doing. you're going home. you can't come and go as you please, people are going to think you're having special treatments. >> reporter: stevens had complly -- had complications from the surgery. like damage to her nerves on her leg. >> she told me it sounded like a personal problem. i said i had surgery. she said are you throwing it in my face.
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on monday jacklyn brusha said this. i will always be grateful that she gave me a kidney. she did a wonderful thing for me. and i wish her the best. >> reporter: stevens says she still feels physically ill and suffering of personal trauma. and no longer has health insurance. >> atlantic auto go on to say it treated her appropriately and honorably. a large crowd gathered to watch a bear taking a nap. a well placed tranquilizer was used and don't worry, fell on to a map.
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>> a little excitement there at the bear creek apartments. >> all righty, took the mattress with him probably. let's take a look at the weekend. probably a little rain right now. take a look at temperatures however it's going to be a cold night today. down to 48 but the dewpoint is below freezing. 29degrees. humidity pretty dry actually, northwest winds very light now at six. the barometer has been rising. right now 36 in oakland, they're going down the hill by 20s tonight. 43, 43 lots of low 40s just north of the city. 52 in dc and 53 over in pax river. locally mainly in the 40s to a low 50s by the bay. overnight tonight it's going to get even colder as the winds get very light. right now they're under 10 in most places expect washington. as the wind get light we have a frost advisory. and a freeze warning,
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temperatures could come down to 30 degrees tonight. if you have any tender plants, north and west of town. bring them in or cover them up. newspaper, plastic, anything to keep the frost off of those plants because it may not make it through the night. low pressure over colorado this morning heading out to the northeast but it's dragging a warm front with shower activity over portions of the ohio valley. we expect these clouds to move in tomorrow afternoon, by tomorrow evening some showers breaking out. doesn't look like a big wet rainmaker for us but some rain late tomorrow evening into sunday. then we clear out as that low pressure moves quickly through the area. it will get off the coast and bring it drier, breezy afternoon. sunshine should be back on sunday. so the weekend really not that perfect but not a wash out for sure. in fact, most of saturday will be dry. most of sunday expect in the morning. north winds five to 10 knots. small craft advisory. yes it was just lifted this
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evening: tonight chilly air. less wind, 30 to the low 40s it's called 35 with frost in many suburb ban areas. a little bit of rain, probably by evening not everyone in the afternoon now. 68, warm enough with an afternoon shower or thundershower tuesday and wednesday. back up to 80 80 denise. >> the ravens take a pick in the draft. >> why they say ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right it's happened a big night for ravens fans. >> they had draft parties last night hopefully you saved the left overs because the ravens believed it was a good pick. no trade in the first round because they traded down then they get three players in round
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two. a linebacker, offensive lineman and back. >> reporter: with the 35th pick in the 2012 nfl draft the baltimore ravens select, courtney upshaw. the ravens say upshaw was worthy of a first round pick but he was still there for them early in round two with a pick they obtained from minnesota. upshaw has been complained by some to terrell suggs. he is a fierce pass rusher. >> yeah he plays like a junk yard dog. he's a physical violent football play. we're excited about that. that's not an easy position to play. a lot of guys can't do that. a lot of guys can pass the rush. and we feel this guy can really do that. >> the ravens second pick in
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the second round big offensive lineman, osemele. third round the ravens get pierce of temple. fans may remember pierce. the ravens will have five more picks going into the final day of the draft tomorrow. a big baseball weekend here in baltimore. oriole great frank robinson will be honored with the unveiling of his statute. he believes they're on the rise in first place as they play host to the oakland a's tonight. jake arrieta trying to add to the streak. eric sogard drives on to the flag on left field. they got three runs at innings and the a's lead 2-1. same score 6th inning. oakland will strike again with
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the long ball. redding takes arrieta into an inning. oakland opens this series with a 5-3 victory. see it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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move over emeril and rachel ray. santigo is the youngest ever selected for hey kids, let's cook. the california chef signature dishes include french toast, mac and cheese and breakfast burritos.
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>> a family in san diego finds another family in their swimming pool. the duck family was enjoying the water. mother duck was able to get out on her own but the 10 little ones have some trouble. you can get in the pool but can't get out. they resisted attempting to scoop them out of the pool. finally the ducklings were able to get ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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letterman is next with chris hensworth. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise


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